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tibet-release(1) -- prep and tag a release


tibet release [--dirty] [--dry-run] [--force] [--local] [--test] [--quick]


Performs the steps necessary to tag a release-ready git codebase.

The release process consists of several steps to sanity check the project followed by a number of steps which work to verify a releasable version, tag it, commit it, and merge/push it to the target release branch.

Before proceeding this command will:

Verify the current branch is the configured 'source' branch. Verify the source branch is not dirty. [override with --dirty] Verify the source branch is up-to-date. [override with --local]

IFF all the prior checks pass:

Run tibet lint --clean to lint the codebase. Run tibet test to run the full test harness.

IFF all that runs and passes testing it:

Tags the source branch with {tag}-{branchname}. Pushes the new tag name to origin/{branchname}.

IFF that all worked successfully it:

Checks out the target branch. Verifies the target branch is current. Merges in the source branch. Commits the changes to the target. Tags the commit with the release tag. Pushes the commit and related tag. Checks out the source branch.


  • --dirty : Allow the command to work even if the current source branch is dirty.

  • --local : Allow the command to work even if the local branch isn't fully synced with its remote counterpart.

  • --dry-run : Output the checks that would be done, but don't actually commit or push any changes.

  • --force : Force operation even when dirty or out of sync etc.

  • --test : Run the tests as part of the release process.

  • --quick : Perform a 'quick' release meaning that neither a lint or a test pass will be done. This preempts the '--test' flag.


  • cli.release.source : The source branch name to use. Default is 'develop'.

  • : The target branch name to use. Default is 'master'.

  • cli.release.remote : The remote name to use. Default is 'origin'.

  • cli.release.suffixes : The list of default suffixes: [beta, dev, final, hotfix, pre, rc].


No process environment variables are required by this command.


Run a typical release

$ tibet release
Ready to check 0.1.0+g04e020369c.0.1606261039549? Enter 'yes' to continue: yes

checked 13 of 28 total files
(11 filtered, 0 unchanged)
0 errors, 0 warnings. Clean!
Preparing to:
git fetch --tags
git commit -am 'release 0.1.0-develop'
git tag -a '0.1.0-develop' -m 'release 0.1.0-develop'
git push origin develop --tags
Process changes to develop as 0.1.0-develop? Enter 'yes' after inspection: yes
executing git fetch --tags
executing git commit -am 'release 0.1.0-develop'
executing git tag -a '0.1.0-develop' -m 'release 0.1.0-develop'
executing git push origin develop --tags
Preparing to:
git fetch --tags
git checkout master
git pull --ff
git merge develop
git tag -a '0.1.0' -m 'Release 0.1.0'
git push origin master --tags
git checkout develop
Process changes to master as 0.1.0? Enter 'yes' after inspection: yes
executing git fetch --tags
executing git checkout master
Your branch is up to date with 'origin/master'.
executing git pull --ff
Already up to date.
executing git merge develop
Updating 3d39c02..76a0cc6
 package.json                             |  2 +-
 public/TIBET-INF/cfg/getlama.xml         |  2 +-
 public/TIBET-INF/cfg/main.xml            |  2 +-
 public/src/templates/version.js          | 33 ++++++++++++++++----------------
 public/src/templates/version_template.js | 33 ++++++++++++++++----------------
 5 files changed, 37 insertions(+), 35 deletions(-)
executing git tag -a '0.1.0' -m 'Release 0.1.0'
executing git push origin master --tags
executing git checkout develop
Your branch is up to date with 'origin/develop'.
Release complete.


This command has no client-side TSH peer command.