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tibet-init(1) -- init TIBET library or project


tibet init [--force] [--freeze] [--tibet]


Initializes a TIBET project or installation, linking and installing dependencies.

Upon initial library installation via npm the tibet init command should be run to ensure the new TIBET installation is properly configured.

In a project context this command must be run prior to most activity. Many of the TIBET cli commands will fail to run until you have run a tibet init command.

The optional --freeze is effectively like running tibet freeze during initialization. This parameter will cause TIBET to make a copy of the current globally installed version in the project and update the package.json to refer to that version. Normally the current running release is simply linked into position via npm link tibet.


  • --force : Causes any existing initialization or links to be replaced rather than exiting the command.

  • --freeze : Used to lock your project to a specific version of TIBET within the package.json and node_modules locations.

  • --tibet : Used to specify that the focus of the command should be the TIBET library rather than any currently-enclosing project.


  • : The project name, used only when cloning to an existing directory with an existing package.json file that can supply this value.

  • tibet.dna : Read to determine the default project DNA to clone for this new project. If this value doesn't exist then default is the name used.


No process environment variables are required by this command.


Install TIBET and initialize it

$ npm install -g tibet

$ tibet init

Initialize a fresh project

$ tibet init

Initializing new default project...
installing project dependencies via `npm install`.
linking TIBET into project via `npm link tibet`.
TIBET development dependency linked.
Project initialized successfully.

Initialize a fresh project and lock TIBET to the current version.

$ tibet init --freeze
Initializing new default project...
installing dependencies via `npm install`, be patient.
installing TIBET version v5.0.0-pre.1 via `cp -R`.
Project initialized successfully.


This command has no client-side TSH peer command.



  • tibet-clone(1)