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tibet-freeze(1) -- freezes the current project's TIBET library


tibet freeze [--tibet <bundle>] [--force] [--minify] [--all] [--standalone] [--source] [--zipped] [--brotlied]


NOTE: this command will be removed in a future release once splitting of the TIBET npm package into tibet-cli and tibet is complete.

Freezes the current application's TIBET library in ~app_inf by copying the current TIBET library code to ~app_inf/tibet rather than using a link.

By default ~app_inf refers to TIBET-INF, the default location for package data, custom commands, etc. TIBET is configured to allow a version of TIBET to be frozen into TIBET-INF/tibet rather than in node_modules/tibet to support deployments where the use of the node_modules directory would be unnecessary or excessive.

Flags allow you to control the scope of what is frozen. Since the freeze command is only concerned with the TIBET library these flags focus on whether you want minified TIBET bundles, all TIBET bundles, raw source for dynamic development, or some combination of those.

Using tibet freeze without parameters will freeze the current copy of tibet_base.min.js along with the load and hook files needed to boot.


  • --tibet : Takes a bundle name minus any tibet_ prefix For example, --tibet full will freeze the tibet_full bundle. This flag defaults to the value base so tibet_base is frozen.

  • --force : Required to actually cause a freeze operation to be performed when the project is already frozen.

  • --all : Overrides any filtering of bundle content and preserves all bundles of TIBET source found in the ~lib_build directory.

  • --minify : Controls whether you freeze minified source code and is used in conjunction with the --tibet flag to filter bundles. The default value is true, so only minified code is frozen by default.

  • --source : Causes the current TIBET source tree to be copied into the target directory. This option supports dynamic development with TIBET source code but does have a performance impact.

  • --standalone : Packages a completely standalone environment that will allow an application to use not only TIBET client code, but TDS server and TIBET CLI code all bundled within a standalone package.

  • --zipped : Controls whether zipped copies are preserved or pruned. This flag works after any minify processing so if you set both minify and zipped you will retain .min.js.gz files.

  • --brotlied : Controls whether brotlied copies are preserved or pruned. This flag works after any minify processing so if you set both minify and brotlied you will retain files.


No TIBET configuration variables are utilized by this command.


No process environment variables are required by this command.


Freeze a project's TIBET resources (...but maybe not...)

$ tibet freeze

mkdir: path already exists: /Users/ss/temporary/test1/public/TIBET-INF/tibet

Project already frozen. Use --force to re-freeze.

Freeze a project's TIBET resources (...and really do it...)

$ tibet freeze --force

freezing packaged library resources...
freezing library dependencies...
freezing runtime library resources...
freezing developer tool resources...
updating embedded lib_root references...
updating project lib_root setting...
Application frozen. TIBET now boots from ~app/TIBET-INF/tibet.


This command has no client-side TSH peer command.



  • tibet-thaw(1)