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tibet-electron(1) -- start a TIBET electron application


tibet electron [<path>|--empty] [--debugger] [--devtools] [<electron options>]


Starts an Electron application by invoking the Electron binary with appropriate ocmmand line arguments and flags.

By default the file electron.js in the standard TIBET electron project dna is launched. This file is similar in scope and content to the default file you'll find in Electron's standard electron-quick-start project.

You can use the --devtools flag, specific to TIBET's version of 'electron.js', to let the logic in that file determine whether to open Chrome DevTools or not on startup.

The --debugger flag is a common flag in TIBET which will add inspect-brk to the command line so the application is launched with debugger access to the main process.

The --empty flag offers a way to open an empty Electron application shell. This command option will let you see the full set of Electron command line options in the console and will open a clean Electron environment. This command option overrides any supplied path.

All other command line arguments are passed as-is to the Electron binary. See the output from the --empty flag version for Electron's description of these options.


  • debugger : Add inspect-brk to the command line.

  • devtools : Open the application with Chrome DevTools open and active.

  • empty : Open the application without an initial page (aka empty). This will also cause the console to output Electron's 'usage' data including all flags and options.


No TIBET configuration variables are utilized by this command.


No process environment variables are required by this command.


Start Electron with the default page (.):

tibet electron

Start Electron with a specific start page:

tibet electron ./index.html

Start Electron with Chrome DevTools open:

tibet electron --devtools

Start Electron with the debugger active:

tibet electron  --debugger

Debugger listening on ws://
For help, see:

Opening an empty Electron application:

$ tibet electron --empty

Electron 6.0.0 - Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
Usage: electron [options] [path]

A path to an Electron app may be specified. It must be one of the following:
  - index.js file.
  - Folder containing a package.json file.
  - Folder containing an index.js file.
  - .html/.htm file.
  - http://, https://, or file:// URL.

  -i, --interactive     Open a REPL to the main process.
  -r, --require         Module to preload (option can be repeated).
  -v, --version         Print the version.
  -a, --abi             Print the Node ABI version.


This command has no client-side TSH peer command.



  • tibet-start(1)