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tibet-build(1) -- build the current project


tibet build [--release] [--minify] [--zip] [--brotli] [--clean]


Performs the steps necessary to build the current project.

The build command is a tibet make target you can use as-is or customize to meet the specific needs of your project. The implementation of build can be found in ~app_cmd/make/build.js.

The default implementation runs a sequence of tibet make targets to:

Lint the project Verify package integrity Build any inline resources Roll up (concat) the package Build project documentation

These individual steps are also found in the ~app_cmd/make directory. Most build steps eventually make use of the package and rollup commands.

A default set of flags lets you control whether you want the build to be release-ready, minified, zipped, or brotli'd.


  • --brotli : Request a brotli-compressed version of the final build resources.

  • --clean : Force the build to work from a clean starting point rather than building out just the changed resources.

  • --minify : Request minified versions of each file be built. By default build creates packages which allow TIBET's reflection-driven tools to read source code comments etc. This flag will strip that content, minify arguments, etc.

  • --release : Build out all the necessary inline resources etc. for a release package.

  • --zip : Build a zipped version of the final build assets. During development the build assets are concatenated but no new zip (or brotli) versions are built.


  • cli.make.compression.parse_options : A set of default command argument values controlling file compression.


No process environment variables are required by this command.


Run a typical build

$ tibet build
Delegating to 'tibet make build'
building app...
checking for lint...

checked 19 of 507 total files
(59 filtered, 429 unchanged)
0 errors, 0 warnings. Clean!
verifying packages...
verifying ~app_cfg/main.xml@base
scanning for unresolved/unlisted files...
no unresolved files found in project.
processing resources...
generating resources...
# Loading TIBET platform at 2021-04-28T19:42:34.130Z
# TIBET reflection suite loaded and active in 12863ms
filtering 43 computed and 413 specified resources...
building 450 concrete resources...
writing package resource entries...
rolling up assets...
writing 328575 chars to ~app_build/app_base.js
linking build targets...
skipping link for missing file '~app_build/app_base.min.js'
skipping link for missing file '~app_build/app_base.min.js.gz'
skipping link for missing file '~app_build/'
build assets linked successfully.
building project documentation...
Task complete: 24045ms.


This command has no client-side TSH peer command.