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Desktop Harness (Overview)

What if it was never really about the web?

A long-standing challenge in the IT industry is developing cross-platform applications; applications that run well on Windows®, Mac OS®, and Linux® platforms.

The web, while not intended as an app platform, made it possible to leverage browsers as a cross-platform virtual machine; a VM running HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

What if it was about cross-platform apps all along?

Microsoft Teams,
Visual Studio Code,
and many more…

What do these successful applications have in common?

They all use Electron.

Major companies are taking advantage of Electron to create powerful desktop applications, applications that far surpass their browser-based variants, when such variants even exist.

Now it's your turn.


TIBET + Electron

With zero HTTP server dependencies, TIBET lets you create lightning-fast desktop applications in seconds. No code required.

tibet clone hello
cd ./hello
tibet init
tibet start

Designed from day one to run offline, TIBET is unique among web platforms both in scope and in our focus on business application development.

TIBET Desktop
Hello from TIBET Desktop

Test, build, and deploy your application in minutes:

tibet lint
tibet test
tibet build --release
tibet deploy

It really is that easy.


TIBET's low-code In-App IDE is seamlessly integrated so you develop your Electron-based TIBET Desktop application interactively, top-down, using direct manipulation.

IDE Halo
The Halo

TIBET's client stack integrates features common in desktop platforms:

  • Authentication,
  • File operations,
  • Localization,
  • Keyboard shortcuts,
  • Drag-and-drop,
  • Context menus,
  • Profile management,
  • and much more…

TIBET's server components and Command Tools help you manage service endpoints, testing, build/release/deploy operations, and more.

TIBET is the foundation you need to create powerful cross-platform business applications.

Full stack, fully integrated, fully supported.

first steps

Getting Started

Getting started is easy…

See the Installation page to install TIBET.

Follow along with our Quickstart Guide next.

See the Desktop Harness Cookbook for specific solutions.