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Client Stack

Client Stack (Overview)

The dirty little secret of most web frameworks?

They're not full application solutions.

à la carte

To create a full application you can't just "choose a framework".

You also have to choose a packager, loader, logging, shimming, configuration, data management, state management, localization, device handling, and much more.

Add-ons necessary to success end up chosen à la carte, over time, across projects.

That's a serious problem.

Actually, it's three…

Your 3 biggest problems…

Developers tend to say those are:

  • getting async code right,
  • getting code to load efficiently, and
  • managing client-side data.

Those are definitely challenges…

but they're not the problems that cause projects to fail.

Projects fail because:

  • they can't hire at scale,
  • they can't maintain a stable stack, and
  • there's no SLA-based support backing their efforts.

Projects fail because of staffing, stability, and support.

TIBET is specifically designed to solve those problems.

Client Stack

The TIBET Solution


TIBET's low/no-code component consumption model is 100% markup-based.

Typed tags maximize reuse via our one-of-a-kind OO+Traits system, dramatically reducing dependence on JavaScript and TypeScript and easing hiring pressure.


The TIBET product line is truly full-stack, a seamlessly integrated:

TIBET far exceeds the web's typical à la carte "rendering engine with data hooks" pattern, providing stability over time.


TIBET is fully covered by subscription-based SLA-based support, ensuring you can get the help you need when you need it.

At the center of it all is the TIBET Client Stack:

-- Unified configuration system for the full TIBET stack
-- Dynamic multi-phase loader with shared metadata
-- Extensible object-oriented logger with leveling
-- Portable platform isolation layer for JS, DOM, CSS, XML
OO & Traits
-- Smalltalk-inspired inheritance coupled with traits
Signals & Exceptions
-- State / route / responder signaling and exceptions
State Machines
-- Nestable state machines w/ controller integration
-- Extensible Locales plus native type parsing / formatting
-- Keyboard mapping, key sequences, mouse gestures, D&D
-- Request / Response processing for sync/async Services
Users & Roles
-- vCard-based user, role, unit, org support with keyrings
-- URI-based state management with change notification
-- Powerful OO classes for the DOM, XML, and JSON
Queries & Paths
-- CSS queries, JSONPath, XPath, and xpointer() support
-- Full tag templating with integrated data formatters
Data Binding
-- Single and bi-directional binding with nested scopes
Routing & History
-- Signaling-based router with full history integration
Tag System
-- Type-driven multi-phase tag processing with XML support
Forms & Fields
-- Accessible fields, groups, formatters, and validators
UX Base Tags
-- Custom tag supertypes supporting d3, SVG, et. al.

TIBET is the foundation you need to create powerful cross-platform business applications.

The full stack, fully integrated, fully featured.